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Pure CSS3 identity card by Damar

Now i published my new pure css3 creation: multi-function identity card. This is not really identity card, but is nice for digital identity card. I create this for fun, and it's real and original by Damar Zaky, so don't copy style. For the tutorial for make this, hmmm.... maybe i'll not share the tutorial because this is my creation sorry.

Damar Zaky it's just an ordinary boy, but curious. I don't like shopping. I like outgoing with friends. I can speaking Indonesian, English, French and sundanaise. When i don't have a work, i play a games or blogging. I don't like if my friends hate me.
Hello!, i'm Damar Zaky. This is the portrait of me :D.
Name: Damar Zaky
Date of birth: *Hidden
Place of birth: Bandung, Indonesia
Religious view: Islamic
Employment: Blogging and design
Nationality: Indonesian
Hobby: Design anything, Football, Biking, Play something with friends
ID Card design by Damar


  1. wow kereeen sob...
    I like it !!!

    wilujeng ngeblog

  2. Wow this is great, without JS!, only CSS, please share the tutorial :D

  3. ukurannya masih kurang pas... tapi overall, kereen :)

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  5. Thanks for sharing I like your post I also share with you something
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  7. Wow, keren sekali sob blognya..
    you're very cool :)

  8. Wow keren,,

    tapi kyk ny tambah keren kalo Sript nya di bagi ke saya dong,,,


  9. SHARE IT !!!!! MADEFAKA !


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