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Blogger poster CSS

This blog (Cyberqpale)'s generator is I just try to make a poster about blogger with css and this poster is just a little typography..... jajajaj by Damar Zaky jajajajaj ajasjdjajfs..... wkwkwkwk
created by Pyra Labs

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of Up until May 1, 2010 Blogger allowed users to publish blogs on other hosts, via FTP. All such blogs had (or still have) to be moved to Google's own servers, with domains other than allowed via custom URLs.
On August 23, 1999, Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs. As one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools, it is credited for helping popularize the format. In February 2003, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google under undisclosed terms. The acquisition allowed premium features (for which Pyra had charged) to become free. In October 2004, Pyra Labs' co-founder, Evan Williams, left Google. In 2004, Google purchased Picasa; it integrated Picasa and its photo sharing utility Hello into Blogger, allowing users to post photos to their blogs. On May 9, 2004, Blogger introduced a major redesign, adding features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments, and posting by email. On August 14, 2006, Blogger launched its latest version in beta, codenamed "Invader", alongside the gold release. This migrated users to Google servers and had some new features, including interface language in French, Italian, German and Spanish. In December 2006, this new version of Blogger was taken out of beta. By May 2007, Blogger had completely moved over to Google operated servers. Blogger was ranked 16 on the list of top 50 domains in terms of number of unique visitors in 2007
Creative design
I love blogger because blogger is: easy learning, easy posting, easy hacking (XD my bad), easy to designing, easy get traffic, and the very important is FREE service. In my school, i never studied about blogging, but my sister and my friends has already study about blogging :(. Then i'm very sad because, i can't popular, because i don't have a blog, so i try to create a blog with very SLOWLY internet connection 5kbps SH*T. But i try to blogging and searching about tutorial to blogging, then i'm succes, i can blogging and codding :D :D. So untill now i use blogger and with not top domain level :D. And now blogger is owned by google, but i don't know if the first creator is still the CEO or not??, if you know tell in the comment XD.

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